About DMP

D. Meshell Photography is a uniquely-creative photography company that loves to "capture Beauty in the Raw. A trained Graphic Designer turned Photographer, Domeanic chose to couple her creative skills in Photoshop with her natural ability to capture beautiful images. ." I'm always refining this gift and enjoy seeing it evolve every time my camera shutter opens."

From the initial meeting to the actual shoot, professionalism is DMP'S ultimate goal for each client. With a love for old-school hip-hop, sneakers, and high-fashion, Domeanic likes to bring fresh imagery and flavor to every shoot.


Like a camera LCD screen, every photographer has. a focus point. A calling of sorts. I have found that capturing women in every phase of life is my calling in photography. From graduating to having their first child, I desire to capture them in my raw.

Although, I do capture different subjects like events, products, couples, the essence and beauty of a woman truly tugs on my heart strings.


The phrase "beauty in the raw" has been characterized as beauty that is stark and powerfully impressive. The word "Raw" in society stands for natural and unrefined, but in photography RAW is the file that is created when a picture is taken.

It's the most natural, uncompressed, and unrefined image the camera captures. It allows the Photographer more creative freedom to refine the beauty captured to it's highest potential. It's our clients beauty powerfully exposed.




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"I have been fortunate to work with Domeanica as her client and as a makeup artist assisting other clients.

She is professional, efficient, creative yet allows you to do what comes natural. As a plus sized woman she made sure that I was captured in the most flattering ways that make me proud to share my pictures. As a makeup artist my work always shines and is perfected through her lens. D. Meshell Photography is in a league of her own."

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